Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And we just keep sliding down

The suckitude of Monday bled right into Tuesday and we just continue to slide downhill.

(Note: there was a bunch of shit that happened at work in here, but since I don't trust the Assholes with anything I took it out. It was boring anyway. Trust me when I say you're not missing much.)

Came home and worked for a couple hours to get things ready for the Girl Scout meeting tomorrow, so I'm feeling good about that. Laundry is done and mostly put away. Kitchen is cleaned up from dinner. I was just starting to relax...

M typed up a big ol' email to the 2nd grade parents regarding the new volleyball team that's forming for next year. Then he asked me to read it and give him my feedback. This never ends well. It'd be like me asking him for calculus help and then getting pissed when he gives is. The only difference is that I know that I suck at calculus and would never attempt it without him in the first place. I'd just make him do it. I asked him, "Why do you ask for my feedback and then get pissed when I give it?" He said that I offer my feedback in a forceful manner. Just as I didn't do well in the mathematics department at his alma mater, he'd have cried from the "forceful feedback" at mine. (I'm not saying he sucks at writing like I suck at math. I'm just saying we each have our own strengths and he should recognize that his might not be of the barf-on-the-page variety.)

Also, I tried tweeting again today after a year-plus absence. It didn't work out so well. My singer on The Voice got cut even though I tweeted for her. And retweeted for her. I might have to go back into Twitter hibernation. Anyone who is following my Twitter feed is just completely confused right now. As am I. I really don't understand how that form of communication works, but apparently it's not effective in saving certain singers.

And that's all I got today.


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