Monday, May 12, 2014


M says I should make this my blog post today, and since I'm really tired and feeling uncreative (although I totally just made up a new word there), I'll throw him a bone.

Also, since he feels like he's too often the subject of my blog posts, I think he's trying to divert my attention. To a dead man. Well played, M. Well played.

What I wrote on Instagram was this:

Saying goodbye today. Tell a joke, say hello to a stranger, and pronounce the L in salmon, all for Big Lee. Godspeed. You are missed already.

EDIT: I forgot to include this awesome conversation we had outside the post-funeral lunch at the Elks Lodge with the Ann Arbor lesbians:

A: We need to go visit Ann Arbor again.
Lesbians: Yes! Come up and see us!
M: Yeah. Hey! We should go to that awesome restaurant with the great food and the outdoor seating, right there in downtown! The Spotted Dragon!
Lesbians: ?
A: What? The Spotted Dragon? You mean The Prickly Pear?
M: Yes. That's it. The Prickly Pear.
Lesbians: (Completely ignoring the fact that "The Spotted Dragon" is nowhere close to "The Prickly Pear, except for the word "the" which doesn't really count because it's used in everything from The Beatles to The Civil War to The Apocalypse) We love that place!

EDIT 2: How many people can say they had a post-funeral conversation with Ann Arbor lesbians outside the Elks Lodge? This, my friends, is why I love my life.

EDIT 3: M just read the post and laughed that I included our Spotted Dragon conversation. "I was close! I knew it was an adjective on a noun!" I can't make this stuff up, people.


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