Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Oh, you don't want to work on a holiday that's supposed to honor you? Pansy."

I planted more shrubs today. Well, M dug holes and I planted. We finished the front, then took on and completed the north side of the house and the planter box around the back patio.

I am done with shrubs.

I only had to go to Home Depot twice today, though, so there's that.

I also pulled up all the weeds and dandelions around the BAS. (That's Big Ass Shed for those of you who don't remember.) There were so many that I half-filled a yard waste bag. Turns out I hate dandelions.

Everything looks good, though, and I feel like I did enough work that I just might be able to take Mother's Day off and sit on my ass.

M does not understand this, as we had a discussion this morning regarding our two modes of landscaping. He told me last weekend that he read an article or talked to someone who said that it takes about five years to get landscaping done after new construction. I was all, "Okay, yeah. I can see that. Rock on." M, apparently, was all, "F*ck that. We're getting it done in 48 hours." So we had a discussion wherein I tried to convince him that it's not necessary to go out and kill ourselves over landscaping, that we can take it easy and actually enjoy the process. That's when he got all snippy and cracked that he had to get moving to get everything done because I had mentioned that I didn't want to do any yard work tomorrow. On Mother's Day. This is when I wanted to hit him with the rake and stuff him in a yard waste bag.

So we both toiled in angry silence for part of the morning, until he either worked out all his aggravation or pulled his head out of his ass and remembered that it's Mother's Day weekend when you're supposed to honor the mothers and then started being all sweet as pie. Then came the typical M confusion: "Well, I'm not in a bad mood now, and even though I haven't apologized I'm totally pretending I wasn't a big jerk earlier, so what's the problem?" There is a reason the girls in my sorority voted him "Most Clueless Guy." I thought it was charming. (Note the usage of past tense.)

We worked it all out, and he will be at brunch tomorrow and not spending the day in a yard waste bag.

Things are looking awesome around here, and I'm looking forward to spending time outdoors enjoying all our hard work. And not going to Home Depot multiple times a day.


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