Sunday, October 06, 2013



Took eight of the Brownies to the Girl Scout Troop Round-Up today.

I had been dreading it, actually. Long day, rambunctious girls...coming off an insane week of late nights and little fun. When it rained this morning I half hoped it would be canceled.

It wasn't. We went. And I had fun. The girls had a blast and it was really great to see Girl Scouts of every age there. Too many activities and cool things to see to list here. It was yet another long day, but much better than the five days preceding.

Tomorrow I have Liturgy of the Word for Children at 11 am Mass. I am worried about how I'm going to talk about a Gospel reading that would be difficult to explain to another adult, much less children, but I decided that I'd just put it in God's hands and let him guide it. Things seem to always work out better when I do that, so you'd think I'd have learned to do that all the time, but nope. I keep struggling on in my imperfect humanness.


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