Friday, September 27, 2013



We promised Zo she could invite four friends to have a sleepover for her birthday. Well, school started and one thing led to another and last weekend she reminded us that we hadn't made that happen yet.

So Sunday night I took a deep breath and emailed four moms, praying that one or two could make it on such short notice. Friday night was it. Piano lesson canceled this week and no Saturday soccer game. Who knew when the planets would align like this again?

They all said yes!

Two girls walked home from school with us this afternoon, and the other two went home briefly to pick up stuff and have a little parent time. They came shortly after and that's when the real fun started. Dress-up parades. Sidewalk chalk. Bikes and scooters and a big wheel. Spying on Mr. and Mrs. Z. We built tacos for dinner (crunchy and soft), and twisted then baked soft pretzels for dessert. They plowed through three bags of microwave popcorn and two movies (Brave and Monsters Inc.). We made "mocktails" of cranberry juice and Sprite. They attacked Mr. Z more than once with pillows and high-pitched squeals. (He was a good man and succumbed to their beatings, but relished sneaking up on them and scaring the tar out of them in return.) They doted on both cats (doting being a completely subjective description for I'm sure the cats saw it differently) and gave yogurt drops to the guinea pig.

Now we've made sure teeth are brushed and lovies secured and night lights set. They are tucked into their sleeping bags and all is dark.

It is not, however, quiet.

Good grief. These five girls spent ALL DAY together...what else do they have to talk about?!

Tomorrow is homemade pancakes. Then possibly a run to the glass store and maybe a stop in at Homecoming where I work.

Life is good. I'm so tired, but so happy. My heart is full tonight.


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