Thursday, September 26, 2013



Zozo's 30-minute piano lesson was just about my only idle time today. And I spent part of it responding to work emails on my phone.

I'm tired. Tired of too much work. Tired of too many expectations. Tired of other people's lack of planning constituting emergencies and late nights on my part. Tired of worrying about teaching important life lessons to my daughter. (Am I doing this right? Am I teaching guilt or fear instead of love and learning as I'm trying so desperately hard to do?) Tired of second grade homework I do not understand, despite earning a bachelor of journalism and a master of business administration. ("Everyday Math" can suck it.) I'm tired of having to medicate the cat, or rather reminding my husband to medicate the cat because I hate doing it. I'm tired of doing laundry 2-3x per week only because we have one (ONE!) pair of soccer socks. I'm tired of waiting for my new employee to start because ohmygod the workload is killing me. I'm tired of making dinner, and I'm tired of cleaning it up.

Most people hate Mondays. I like Mondays. Fresh new start, bright week ahead. Lots of potential time to get things done. Wednesdays kill me though. Wednesdays are my Mondays. I f*cking hate Wednesdays. I'm hoping this will be at least partly remedied by my new marketing specialist, because my shitty Thursday deadline will become his shitty Thursday deadline. Although I'm fairly certain that he won't see it as shitty as I do because this will be part of his regular weekly job, not one more thing on top of the 3.5 jobs I'm currently doing. Man, it'll be nice to downshift into doing only 2.5 jobs. Maybe 2 if this guy is a real to-getter and takes on more than his fair share. I think he is. I can only hope. It would be nice seeing as how my last employee (whom I inherited...I'd like to make it clear I did not hire her) did approximately .25 of her job.

I hate Wednesdays.


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