Thursday, October 03, 2013



Zozer had two stubborn baby teeth extracted today. She was such a trooper and I am so proud of her. She was scared, but brave. When she was done, the nurse told me Zoe saw another little girl, a first grader waiting for her procedure, and said, "It's okay. There's nothing to be afraid of. You'll be fine!" Such a sweet girl. Her main concern? "Can I still go to soccer practice tonight?!" She could, and she did. And then she got a milkshake for dinner. Which was followed by soup, because as much as she relishes the idea of having a milkshake for dinner, the girl recognizes the value of eating real food.

Worked all night again, into this morning. As I was brushing my teeth I realized we hadn't taken care of the Tooth Fairy. Son of a b*tch. M is sacked out, having worked every night too, so it's up to me. I scrounged the last four bucks from my wallet and dug into M's handy international change mug. I have no clue what she's has a 10 and the other a 20, and the latter has what looks like Chinese characters. And as I crept into her room, desperately praying that I wouldn't wake her up, I cursed whoever thought it was a great idea to hide the Tooth Fairy's stash under the f*cking pillow.

Really? You couldn't just leave it on the nightstand and call it a day, sparing the feelings of parents for millennia to come? Was probably some medieval b*tch heading a Pinterest round table while the knights were in the man cave.

Off to bed. Another crazy day tomorrow full of meetings and deadlines, and an evening meeting that promises to not end before 9:30. Unless I simply pass out from sheer exhaustion. That might end the meeting a little early, seeing as how I'm running it and all.


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