Thursday, May 02, 2013



I hate getting a call from the school in the middle of the day. It's never good news.

Zoe was playing on the bleachers by the field at recess when she slipped and conked her head. Big ol' goose egg. The nurse calmed her down and put ice on it immediately, and then they called me. Zoe couldn't get off the phone fast enough; she wanted to get back to her class. I even offered to come get her right then (which would have taken about 90 seconds as I happened to be at the house meeting with the contractor) but she declined. She was back to her classroom before the nurse and I hung up. We agreed that sitting in class was one thing...playing in after care an entirely different matter. So I picked her up at 3 and we came home for a quiet afternoon of Chipmunks movies for her and work for me, until I decided that I'd rather snuggle with my bug.

She's doing really well. Says it only hurts when she pushes on it, so we agreed that she shouldn't push on it. She did her homework and ate lots of Girl Scout cookies and got tons of smoochies and hugs. She's already excited about school tomorrow because they're celebrating May Day and she gets to take in her rosary. Only she didn't want her rosary, she wanted mine: a beautiful Swarovski crystal one that M gave me when I was confirmed. So it's packed in her bag along with strict instructions to take good care of it. I figure she's taken Hootie to school numerous times and always brings him home, and Hootie is pretty much worth more than anything, so we're good.

I'm proud of my little trooper. She's not one to dwell, that's for sure, and she was all smiles despite a huge black and blue knot on her forehead. I think she might actually be a little proud of it.


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