Thursday, April 04, 2013



Today Zoe's class celebrated Mass with the other first graders, second graders and third graders. In first grade they start having the children actively participate in the liturgy. (I love this about her school.)

Zozo's teacher asked the class what they'd like to do. Some kids wanted to read, others wanted the petitions. Zoe wanted to take up the gifts. She LOVES it when we are randomly chosen to present the gifts during Sunday Mass. She was selected, with two friends, for the offertory and could barely contain her excitement.

So this morning M and I watched with pride, while holding our breath, as three seven-year-olds took up the hosts. We were a little nervous because first graders are sometimes pretty clumsy. When we present the gifts as a family we always give Zozer the donations basket. If she drops that, no big deal. The hosts, though? The most precious blood? We're talking catastrophic disaster of biblical proportions.

We sat next to our friends, whose boy was in the offertory group. They were as nervous as we. "Jack told us the teacher instructed him to carry the heaviest thing. You don't think that's the wine, do you?!" she asked with wide eyes. Yes, it was, but he carried the crystal decanter just fine.

They did really great, and all three turned around upon returning to their pews to see if their parents were watching. We were, proudly.

They're growing up way, way too fast.

(My photo isn't great, but you can kinda tell what's going on. She's on the left there, in front of the priest.)


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