Friday, March 29, 2013



Among our many stops today (old folks home, maternity ward, lunch, Passion liturgy, Tenebrae, and the job site x 3), we managed to time a concrete pour just right, allowing Zozer to place her handprint in our new driveway. I added her initials and the date with a framing nail. She was absolutely thrilled, as was I.

We have a few little things hidden in the construction, including two 2013 pennies in the basement floor, notes penned on studs, and a medal of St. Brigid nailed up in the eaves. I love that stuff. (As if this house weren't completely ours already, we made it even more so.)

Although the builder is still promising, with increasing gusto, that he'll be finished in a week, we still have our doubts. A page-long (single spaced typed) punchlist keeps me awake at night. Progress on the outside today looks promising (big chunk of the driveway poured, last planter box nearly bricked), but a stroll through the inside shows little work since yesterday.

Anyone care to place any bets?


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