Wednesday, April 03, 2013



This probably isn't the best way to start our landscaping.

Another day of absolute disgust regarding progress. Was there with five guys this morning. Working inside. Returned after work to an empty house with nothing done. No light fixtures. No final trim. No finished staircase. Among a litany of other things.

Really? I am convinced they show up, have a cup of coffee, and head out for the day.

To give some credit, outside we do have another driveway slab (one more. woo hoo.), our walkway poured, and more gutters. Not all of the gutters, mind you. No final brickwork and no start to the mailbox.

I'm not freaking out this time, so I'm either getting better at handling things or I'm growing immune to the lack of progress.

When the landscaper lodged his truck in my front yard this evening, all I could do was laugh. And be thankful it wasn't my car. And that he hadn't laid sod or finished grading yet.

On a positive note, a stranger with a big 4wd truck pulled in to help. They hooked up a chain and had the red truck out within 10 minutes. Sometimes people are awesome.


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