Saturday, April 13, 2013



Today the Girl Scouts dropped off bags for April Showers. They went door to door at hundreds of homes and dropped off plastic grocery bags. Residents are supposed to fill them with personal care items and leave them on their front porch for the scouts to pick up next weekend. We had a blast, pairing with Zoe's favorite friend from her school (and the friend's mom, who happens to be one of my most favorite people on earth), and diligently hit our route with lots of laughter. We took more time than any other pair from our troop, but I doubt anyone else had more fun.

After that we had a softball game for Zoe, played on the very campus where I work (yay! I love being there, even when I'm off) which meant more time (and laughs) with other first-grade parents.

Tonight M and Zo had a father/daughter dance at her school (yes, we are three for three!). I was out running my errands - which go much faster when I'm flying solo - when I got a text from a first grade mom: "Gina invited us over when the guys are gone. Are you in?" Hell yes! The dads created an awesome game plan that included miniature golf before the dance, so they had extra fun and I was able to get some much-needed tasks complete before hanging out with the other moms. It was perfect.

Crashed at my friend's with a cooler of beer, my girls, and my laptop, which enabled me to edit photos while hanging out with some of my favorite people. That's me alright: fun + productivity!

What a great day.


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