Wednesday, November 14, 2012



My craft project for the Daisy Girl Scouts today was a turkey napkin ring for Thanksgiving. It went remarkably well, although I learned that the phrase "a LITTLE glue" is highly subjective, and that Elmer's is way more runny than I remembered. The girls seemed to enjoy it, and I got a kick out of watching them color their turkeys. The blue one is a favorite, as is the one with the purple tank top and pink hot pants (not shown).

Overall the meeting went well. The girls know what to expect now and are reasonably well behaved. There are a few who struggle to remain engaged (and respectful and focused), but overall they are really good girls.

Except for the screaming.

Ohmygosh the screaming.

I think my ears were bleeding at the end of the two hours. Our mom volunteer for this meeting looked at me wide-eyed halfway through. "Holy cow. Are they always like this?! Thank you so much for taking this on!"

Zoe loves it, and I love that she loves Girl Scouts as much as I did. We all had fun, and I hope we continue to for many years.

Gobble gobble gobble!

(Zo's end-of-season soccer pizza party was last night, for which we ordered a cake with a team photo and made arrangements with the pizza joint, and then cleaned icing off the tables, chairs and floors. Between that and today's GS meeting, I'm pretty well done with hoards of 7-year-olds for awhile. We send M off on his ACTS Retreat tomorrow night, and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with my favorite 7-year-old. Who doesn't scream unless provoked.)


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