Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Visited our countertop and cabinet folks today, to rummage through the granite boneyard. We need a smallish piece for our master bath and were offered the opportunity to save considerable $ if we could find something we liked among their remnants.

We did, quickly and easily (it's amazing how un-picky we can be when it comes to saving money...in this case we didn't mind compromising as we had selected a rather conservative pattern anyway and so it was easy to find a relative match - would not have been possible with our red kitchen counter and our lime green bar top), and then I wandered about cursing myself for leaving the DSLR in the car. Bugger.

The warehouse is in an old manufacturing facility. It's ripe for my kind of shooting. I could easily spend several hours in there, and probably still not be finished.

I snapped a few images with the trusty iPhone (the best camera is the one you have with you!) and we left so as to not waste any more of our contact's time. Jeez, though. The missed opportunity!



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