Wednesday, October 17, 2012



The only reason I saw this fantastic sunrise this morning is because I was once again ensuring that I'm in no danger of winning any Mother of the Year awards.

After dropping Zo off at school I hurried to work. I was halfway across campus when my cell rang. It was the school secretary.

"Hi. Zoe has a field trip today and her teacher called the office. She doesn't have a sack lunch. Are you, uh, still in the area?"

Oh shit! So I ran back to the car to speed home and make a PB&J with a baggie of wheat thins.

As I was waiting on the overpass, facing the opposite direction I normally do in the morning, I saw this. And then it wasn't so bad that I totally messed up.

(In my defense, she lost one of her top front teeth this morning. This was a big event, so I figure I was distracted. Yeah, that's the ticket.)


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