Monday, October 15, 2012



Three Chilean women came to visit our campus over the last week and a half. They wanted to learn how we run our school and maybe get ideas to take back with them. We met their first day on campus, and I explained my role and showed them our various communication technologies. They asked lots of questions and I answered them, enjoying the different flow of conversation as one who was well-versed in English translated for the other two.

After that, we saw each other frequently around campus, at noon prayer, and in the dining hall. They were always smiling and I liked our little chats as we crossed the grounds from one building to another.

Today, their last day in the US, they stopped by my office to say goodbye and to thank me for my time. And they presented me with this tiny mug with the Chilean flag. It's sitting on the top of my bookshelf now, and every time I see it I'll remember that I have three friends in Chile.

How cool is that?!


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