Thursday, October 28, 2010

Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park

Turns out I have a boatload of images from Colorado.  I definitely like what I was able to pull from that trip better than the take from Newport.  Of course, I had five days to shoot in Estes, versus a couple hours in Newport.  Anyway, I have way too much to post here. I had way too much to post on Facebook, too, but I did it anyway.  Here, though, I tried to be a bit more selective and just pull my absolute favorites.

I did get to work on some new images tonight, but I wanted to get these posted first.  I have this strange chronological-order thing going in my brain, even though these are over a month old.

M and I used to muse about retiring to Colorado.  It was a nice dream.  It's not a dream anymore. It's a mission.


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