Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Michael Richard Amy Margaret Hootie Jefferson

For some reason last night, Zoe decided it would be hilarious to call us by our first and middle names.  She did this while talking to M on the phone, over and over again.  We were laughing so hard we couldn't talk, which I'm sure just encouraged her.

In other news, Hootie has a new middle name.  He used to be Hootie Grace, but apparently two days ago he changed it.  We were informed last night, during the phone call.  He is now Hootie Jefferson, which I at first thought sounded very distinguished.  It’s nice to be named after one of our founding fathers, after all, and if you’re gonna pick one, Thomas Jefferson is as good as any.

However, before I could go any further down that line of thought, the theme song from The Jeffersons television show popped into my head, and I started singing, “Movin’ on up…to the east side…to a deeeee-luxe apartment…in the skyyyyyy.”

I have no idea where Zoe got “Jefferson” as a middle name for Hoot.  Maybe he chose it himself.  Maybe he likes mid-70s to mid-80s sitcoms.  Maybe he has an owl girlfriend named “Weezie.”

Nah, I’ll go with the founding fathers reference.  Hootie is, after all, a wise owl.


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