Monday, October 25, 2010

13 Years

Happy anniversary, my sweet M!  13 years of wedded bliss.  Okay, not always blissful, but always, always worth it.  Everything we've been through has made us who we are today, and I wouldn't change a single thing.  (Okay, I might change the emergency appendectomy timing so it didn't coincide with Zozo's baptism...maybe put it off a week or so, and I'd probably insist you do the torn labrum surgery before we had a child, but, you know, that's about it.)

When we were first married, you used to tell me, "Hey, we're in this together."  It took me a long time to believe that.  There are countless reasons why I love you, but that's one of the biggies, right there.

This it that we're in together...this crazy, unpredictable, messy world, this busy life full of love and family and work and trials and tribulations, this ever-changing path of parenthood...I can't imagine being in it with anyone else.

We've made it through so much: health issues, infertility, career derailments, family problems, even grad school.  (If a couple can make it through grad school, not only going back to school at the same time, but taking the same classes while working full-time and raising a kid, well, we can make it through damn near anything.)  I know there will be more we'll have to fight through - life isn't easy and it shouldn't be - but as long as I've got you in my corner I feel like I stand a fighting chance of always coming out on top.

Thank you for being you.  For always surprising me.  For making me laugh.  For laughing with me, and for holding me all the times I can't laugh.

Thank you for sharing the same weirdo obsession with submarine movies, and your love of a certain all-American sports car.  Thank you for putting up with my stupid, furry, barfing cats.  Thank you for not only indulging but actually encouraging my Nikon Acquisition Syndrome, and for introducing me to sushi and rare ahi tuna and country music and Star Trek.

Thank you for everything else I can't list here because it's too personal.  You know, though.  Because best friends always know without having to say it.

Happy anniversary, my sweet, sweet M.  You're it for me, hubby.  I love you.


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