Monday, April 20, 2009

Mid-term madness

Last week was mid-terms, more commonly known as, "You thought your life was full before?" Our econ prof, bless his little heart, did not give us an exam. Ops, on the other hand...

We had 8 hours to complete the exam, once we clicked, "Start Assessment." But the good prof predicted it wouldn't take more than 3. With that in mind, we set to studying for the exam late last week. One night we spend 4 hours just reviewing for that test. The other nights we split, reviewing for the test and finishing up homework for both classes (it's a cruel, cruel twist to have reading/homework/discussion board posts all due the same week as a major exam). This exam is particularly important, because in Ops we don't turn in homework. We're expected to do our weekly posts on the discussion board, and then we have the mid-term, the final, and a paper due at the end. Sounds great in practice, but on paper it sucks because that means those items are each worth a tremendous amount. You can't boof one part and be okay. The mid-term is 20% of the grade, after all.

So, after all the studying and debate on when to launch the exam, we finally settled on Friday night. We figured that way it'd be done before the weekend really started, and if we were up late (if! ha!) we could sleep in. Zozer was installed at grandma and grandpa's after dinner and we got ourselves set. Book? Check. Potty run? Check. Study materials? Check. At approximately 8 p.m. we clicked, "Begin Assessment."

4 hours, 43 minutes and 53 seconds later, we clicked, "Submit." A 5-hour mid-term? WTF?

We laughed (not really), we cried (okay, me), we threw things (okay, M), but we made it through. And then I tried to sleep but couldn't because I was so damn jittery. We made the mistake of comparing our answers after submitting, and I was convinced that I'd bombed the test. I'd be lucky to pull in an 85. I prayed for a curve.

Saturday was shot, as we both felt half brain-dead. Sunday was gloomy, as the rain clouds outside matched my mood. I knew that we wouldn't get our grades until everyone took the exam, and it didn't close until last night. I liken the pain of receiving a shitty grade to pulling off a band-aid. Just do it quick and get it over with.

Grades were posted this morning. My actual score wasn't too far off from my prediction, but it was curved up to a 97. A 97! That means that lots of people in our class got hosed way worse than me! I'm not one to relish the misfortunes of others, but in this case, hell yeah, I'm glad they tanked. Whew!

Unfortunately, for me anyway, having reviewed the graded exam I realize that M did far better than I, and not only did he probably set the curve (again), he probably received a score of like 108%. Sigh.

I just hope he doesn't dance around the dinner table tonight doing his "I set the curve!" dance. Once was enough on that.


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