Monday, April 20, 2009

M = Mid-term Master

Just heard from M. His raw score was 90.5, and his curved grade is 100%.


He's gonna dance again. I'm sure of it.

Here's part of our instant message dialogue this morning:

a: 100 on the mid-term, eh?
m: yeppers
a: well, that's it then. you set the curve.
a: are you doing your "i set the curve" dance?
m: kicken ass and take'in names
a: yes, if you could actually spell "kickin' ass and takin' names."
m: whatever
m: when a guy gets a 100
m: he can spell however the hell he wants
a: nice

Our cumulative grades in the class are now 99.5% and 100%. I think we're doing okay.


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