Friday, January 02, 2009


New art in Zoe's cubby this morning when I dropped her off at school. Made peeling her off me while she yelled, "No!" with tears rolling down her cheeks a little easier. Okay, not really.

I'm excited that the holiday season is over, just to get us all back on schedule. It's been really hard on Zozer, with having huge (for a 3-year-old especially) breaks between school days.

Today feels like a Monday, what with having yesterday off. Everyone in my office said the same thing, so we're all pretty messed up. M is still off and is busy taking the display down for the year. It's the earliest it's ever come down, but there's rain in the forecast for this weekend and we start our 2-class term Monday, so it was today or sometime in May. Sad that the lights are coming down already, but looking forward to getting everything back to normal. Well, as normal as normal can be in our house. Which isn't very normal. But fun, nonetheless.


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