Thursday, January 01, 2009

View from the darkroom

Shot this out the window of the darkroom tonight. Thought it was ironic that the view from the darkroom was so full of beautiful light. Maybe it's an omen for a photographic 2009. That's how I'm gonna read it, anyway.

Speaking of which, I spent the first day of '09 doing all sorts of things photographic. Cleaned/organized/re-arranged the darkroom. Finished watching the PBS American Photography DVD. Finished reading one of my two Annie Leibovitz books. Made some images. Played with some images in Photoshop.

And, of course, danced with my daughter in the darkroom. Can't even tell you how much I love doing that. We're expanding our genres, too, as today we added some fast dancing to the slow. "Mommy, I call this The Jumping Dance." "Zoe, I call that training for the mosh pit."

All in all, a grand start to the new year.


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