Thursday, December 18, 2008

Management Accounting...check!

And another one bites the dust.

I've just submitted my final (all 13 friggin' pages of it) for Management Accounting, thereby concluding my fifth class and first year of grad school. So so so glad that's over. Both the class and the first year.

I'm really waiting for the point that grad school gets easier, but I'm thinking, yeah, that's not ever gonna happen. Gluttons for punishment, we've signed up for two classes next term (which starts Jan. 5), but we've been told by several people that they are both relatively easy classes and we should be able to get through both at once okay. Famous last words.

One of them is marketing, though, so for Pete's sake I hope that it's easier for me than the accounting crap was.

The other class is organizational behavior, and I can't wait to learn about that in relation to the spa industry. We could have our own reality television show where I work. Bunch of divas and prima donnas...and those are the men! While I was warned that the spa/salon industry is quite different when I first took the job, oh man, was that an understatement. It's a great job, though, and I laugh nearly every day, so what's not to love about that?

Christmas cards went out this morning, after 10 minutes figuring out the "automated" stamp purchasing machine at the PO (didn't feel like being number 147 in line when they were on 12). Let's just say that the stamp machine has got to be the perfect example of something designed by government beaurocrats who have no idea about process, simplicity or ease of use. The two people ahead of me got flummoxed enough to walk away stampless. Not me! "You won't best me, ill-designed government property! I'll get my stamps, so help me God, and I will never go hungry again!" I got 'em, stamped our cards and shoved 'em in the chute, walking away oddly satisfied that I was brilliant enough to figure out how to purchase stamps from a machine. It's what gave me confidence to complete and submit my Management Accounting final tonight.

Update on Zozer...she's no longer puking but is taking it easy on the food. Dinner tonight consisted of one raisin and one bite of banana. She had a decent breakfast, though, and some snacks and lunch, so I'm not worried about her appetite gradually returning.

Her personality is definitely returning, though, which is a positive sign, and we had fun playing in the library tonight. She felt like cooking, so my apple and her egg went into the microwave together (we're "saving them for later"), and she sauteed some pepperoni pizza toppings while the bottle of ketchup simmered on the next burner. Because she's a multi-tasker like her parents, Hootie got a bath in the kitchen sink (along with some wasabi and a few pieces of California roll) while she cooked. We also played with blocks and read a few books and snuggled, which for me is always the best part of the day.


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