Sunday, December 07, 2008


Sorry no posts since Thursday. Friday was busy at work, then Friday night (into Saturday morning, then, after a brief sleep, all day Saturday) was spent readying the house for The 2008 Grand Lighting Celebration Saturday night. Party went well...lots of fun, food, lights... We'll try to get the show videotaped again this year and I'll post another clip.

Today was recovery from the party, which meant we really didn't do much of anything. Hung out with Stef and Nicole for a bit (thanks for the McAllisters!). Played with Zozer. Put away a basket of laundry and fell asleep on the couch while watching my Ansel Adams DVD.

M and I agreed today that we're in a pretty good spot for the holidays. We have two weeks left in our class, neither of which looks very difficult (even the final, which is on the easiest half of the class). Our home is decorated and clean (although it never stays that way for long, with a child and two cats)(and a husband). We have ideas for Christmas presents, which is always harder than actually shopping for them (we typically bang it out in a day or two...we're hyper-shoppers when we have to shop as neither one of us are shopper-type people). For the first time in months, I feel pretty relaxed and agreeable.

I'm sure something will come along to shoot that all to hell in no time. Tomorrow is Monday, after all.

But for right now, I'm just enjoying the illuminating glow my house now produces and the fact that our beer fridge still actually has beer in it. And eggnog.


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