Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's better than Dear John

Dropped the ZoeMobile off this morning to have the driver's side front axle seal repaired. I'm not sure exactly what's involved with that other than $250 and being without my car for half day. And we all know that my being without my car is not a good thing.

So the shuttle driver dude, Zino, brought me to work in the Honda Odyssey shuttle van, and we commiserated about how horrible it is to drive Hondas because the damn things run forever and therefore you get sick of them before they wear out, and just getting sick of your car really isn't reason enough to buy a new one. My service writer had pointed out another customer's early-90s Accord up on the rack that has 455,000 miles on it and is still going strong. Damn it.

Anyway, in talking to Zino, I learned that he has two children, girls actually, 14 and 16. (Good lucky, buddy!) He had just gotten a call from the 14-year-old that she had overslept and missed her bus. Of course, the 16-year-old hadn't bothered to wake her or ensure she made it to school on time, despite the fact that they do indeed attend the same school. Ahhh, sisters!

Being the polite shuttle rider I am, I asked their names.

Patrice and Love. Love Letter, to be exact.

Wow. I really don't know what to say to that. How do you go from Patrice, which is a pretty standard name (albeit not too popular these days, I'd imagine), to Love Letter?

I suppose if you're going to name your child after a piece of correspondance, Love Letter is probably the best way to go. Snippy Note Reminding You To Pick Up Milk On Your Way Home From Work is too cumbersome. Memo is too brief and business-like. And probably prone to mispronunciation. "Is that 'memmo' or 'meemo,' like Nemo?" Post-It is probably trademarked or whatever, which would cause all sorts of problems when you're trying to type your name into standardized forms that don't recognize a TM superscript. Besides, then it might look like it's Post-ItTM, and that introduces more pronunciation difficulties.

I'm sure there is a good story behind Love Letter's name, but I didn't get the chance to hear it because by that point we had arrived at my work and I had to hop out.


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