Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Whispers & Roars

Went to YWCA St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center's Hear the Whispers and Roars event last night at Schlafly's. It's an evening of readings on rape and healing, and it's moving and touching...definitely an evening well-spent. Especially when you're sitting at a table with some of your favorite girls.

First row, left to right: Mama, Beano, Ping and Michelle.
Back row, left to right: Judy and my MIL.

All the speakers were great, as usual, but my favorite was a woman who got up and spoke off-the-cuff: no notes, no pre-written speech. She started off in a whisper, telling her story of abuse (from others, and then as a result, self-inflicted), and moved to a roar, inspiring us all with her triumph over tragedy and her call to action. Her crescendo moved us to tears, and then to our feet in a standing ovation. I have chills just remembering it.

In an effort to contribute more to this cause for which I care so deeply (how can I not care deeply? Women I love have been subjected to abuse and violence...), I have agreed to become part of Circle of Women, a fundraising arm of the Sexual Assault Center. I'm an honorary committee member, which simply means I need to recruit people to attend the annual Circle of Women luncheon June 24. Each of my guests commits to make a donation of at least $100 at the luncheon.

I have a good start, but a good start isn't enough. I'd love to exceed my goal of finding nine people to donate to this (unfortunately) much-needed cause. One in seven women in Missouri have been the victim of sexual violence. One in seven. Which means if you yourself haven't been a victim, you know someone who has. The St. Louis Regional Sexual Assault Center provides support and advocacy to victims of assault and abuse within the St. Louis Metropolitan area, helps coordinate services provided to victims, and serves as a resource on issues regarding awareness and prevention of sexual assault and abuse.

Please contact me if you want to join our Circle of Women (and Men!) who want to make a difference. It doesn't take much. A check or a pledge, and an afternoon spent at a wonderful luncheon.

I'll be posting more later, and hope to get a copy of the video produced by YWCA that really shows just how vital their services are. Stay tuned.


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