Thursday, April 24, 2008

A brand new bag, baby

For Christmas, me mum gave Coach purses to her girls. Matching, natch, because we're sisters and it's been about 25 years since we wore matching outfits when we went to Disney World and so it was high time for some sibling coordination.

Darling purse. Very spring-like and festive, which meant we had to wait until the weather broke to break out our new bags. It was a looooong winter, too, and every once awhile I'd visit my new spring purse and sigh, "All in good time, my love, all in good time." My sister, being more up on things, started using her bag first a couple weeks ago. This morning, I finally remembered to get mine out.

Now, I've pared down the contents of my purse to epic simplicity. For a couple weeks recently I even managed to go without a bag at all, but that was only because I had jacket pockets to carry my few belongings. Since I haven't been able to find lined dress slacks with zippered cargo pockets (at least not ones I could wear to work and not be ridiculed for), I had to go back to carrying a purse. But it's a light purse...none of that back-breaking I-can-live-for-a-week-out-of-my-purse stuff.

So I got my new springy bag out this morning and transferred my belongings from the old bag to the new. I have a wallet, a pack of gum, a jump drive (necessary for any girl on the go these days), and three lip thingies (lipstick, gloss and Chapstick, all necessary, of course, so I can go from work to evening to ski slopes just like that...because, you know, I do that so often).

Carrying around this medium size bag with virtually nothing in it is just ridiculous. The bag isn't huge, but when you've got nothing in it, it looks cavernous. Normally I'm not the type of person to fill something up just because it's there, but really, what's the point of carrying this bag with one thing floating around down there in the bottom?

Then, inspiration struck.
Not sure that this is really the intended use of a Coach purse, but hey, it works for me. Okay, so I'm not your traditional girly girl. I'm more of a gearly girl. Camera gear, that is.


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