Thursday, February 07, 2008

A half-brained idea

Ornithologists concluded that migratory birds take hundreds of naps as they fly; they also practice unilateral eye closure, in which one eye closes, thereby permitting half the brain to sleep.


Do you know how much I could get done if I could close one eye and let half my brain rest for awhile?

There are plenty of things people do with half a brain. Like driving. Most of the people on my daily commute are already driving with half a brain, might as well get some rest on your way in (or your way out).

Some people I work with, I swear, come to work most days with half a brain.

If all those people can work with half a brain, I should be able to get along just fine. This would add about six hours to my day that are normally spent attempting to get my entire brain to sleep.

I love efficiency. I just have to work on my winking technique.


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