Thursday, November 08, 2007

Famous and Infamous

M comes home today! Yay! He had a great trip to Rhode Island but misses his Bug and is looking forward to returning. He went through new employee orientation and the final part of the two-day session was to break up into teams and use a pile of disparate items to build a tower. They were given three sheets of flip chart paper, masking tape, paper clips, Jenga blocks and a small APC stress ball, and their task was to build the tallest free-standing tower possible using these materials and ensuring that the ball was at the top, and that the ball rested on wood.

If you know M, you know that challenges like this are right up his alley. He's such an engineer. So, of course, his team built the tallest tower, and of course, he asked the facilitator what the record was. Then, of course, they set out to beat it.

Beat it they did. By something like 12%. I think his record will stand for quite awhile; he said by the time they got done the ball was inches from the ceiling. I've asked for a photograph, as this is something that is definitely blog-worthy, and he's trying to track down the one guy who had a cell phone camera and was able to document it.

Apparently this is a big dang deal at APC. M fielded a call later that day from someone not connected to the orientation congratulating him on beating the record. Word had spread throughout APC, and now M is famous.

I'm going to ask for his autograph when he gets home.

Today's song of the day running through my head: Gimme More by Britney Spears. What can I say? It was the last song on VH1 this morning as I was finishing my workout. Britney's life right now is a like a car accident on the highway. You don't want to watch, but you just can't help yourself. Well, at least it's a decent song to work out to. I find it funny that her mother is giving interviews saying that Britney's children are her soul or some such nonsense, when there is mounting evidence that she really doesn't value what little time she has with them. Who goes chandelier shopping during your court-monitored visitation? And she left the kids in the car with the monitor!

Watching Britney self-destruct has become one of my new favorite things to do, and I can't even explain why. I don't know if it's because we had our babies together (okay, well, not together, because she's famous and lives in California and has millions of dollars and I'm relatively obscure and live in Missouri and have $2.38 in my wallet) and we apparently share a love of Starbucks, or if it's because she's simply empirically watchable, but I'm fascinated. Sometimes I go here during a coffee break, just to see what she's up to. Plus, whoever is writing about Brit Brit for them is hilarious. For instance, upon Brit's chandelier shopping, "Ding dang, them things is sparkly!"

Perhaps I like watching because it's just such a completely different lifestyle than mine, or anyone I know. For instance, I now know that there are such places as chandelier stores. I guess had I thought about it before, I'd have assumed chandeliers were purchased from regular old lighting fixture places. Here in Missouri where there isn't really that big of a market for chandeliers, it's okay to just lump them in with the ceiling fans and torchieres at Home Depot.

Okay, now that I've devolved into blogging about Britney Spears and chandeliers, I really do think it's time to step back, regroup, breathe, and dig deep to try to find something else, anything else, I can write about here. Writin's hard, ya'all!


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I would like to have Michaels autograpy too!

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