Monday, November 05, 2007

Updates (and ranting)

Okay, a few last things, then I really am going to bed.

I've cleaned house here at Latent Images. If you check out my links bar over there to the right, you'll see that I've removed the links to my friends' and family members' blogs and MySpace pages. Why, you ask?

Because they're all a bunch of cyber couch potatoes when it comes to keeping their stuff updated, and I don't like to have stale bread sitting around. You've heard me talk about how I keep the house pretty streamlined, well, I like to keep my blog house clean, too.

Ahhhhhh. Feel that? It's the feeling of simplicity. Fresh air. A clean slate.

I think it's highly ironic that some of the folks from over there whom I've cleaned out (just out of the blog, mind you, not out of my life), are the first ones on me if I miss a day of posting. Hmmm. Hello, Pot? Kettle calling!

I have added one link. I'd like to introduce you to, one of my most favorite Web sites. It's the place to go to debunk all the garbage that flows through your e-mail box. Here are a few little tips from me to you:
  1. 99% of the crap that gets forwarded to you is just that: crap.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
  3. If it tells you that you have to forward it to X number of people for something to happen, it's wrong. There isn't technology out there that does that. At least not that we civilians have access to.
  4. Missing children are not searched for via e-mail. I've seen the same girl about eight times with different names from different parts of the country. She's not missing. You can sleep at night now.
  5. People are not going to find out about toxic Tupperware or lead-based lipsticks thanks to e-mail. The American media will make damn sure you know what's killing you before you get something from cousin Burl.
Please please please help me in my one-woman mission to stop perpetuating the crap that clogs up everyone's box. I love a great joke with the rest of 'em, and I don't mind getting those. What I don't like getting are all the alerts and attentions and please helps and foward this to five million people so something will happen on your computer screen. The only thing that bugs me more than getting one of these in my e-mail box is to see that 400 other people got it, too.

All I'm saying is, take 30 seconds to check it out on Snopes. If it's real, send it on. If it's not, do us all a favor and hit "delete."

And on that note, I'm deleting myself right to bed.

Stepping off my soapbox now.


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