Wednesday, October 31, 2007


She's just so damn adorable that I couldn't wait to post some pix from tonight. I'll throw up the ones from the pumpkin carving last night first, just to keep us in chronological order.

Step 1: Mommy and Daddy discuss what design we'd like. There is usually some sort of symbolism involved. Last year, the pumpkin had one tooth on the bottom, on the right. Just like Zoe at the time. This year, we decided upon two teeth, in honor of her two years.
Step 2: Mommy draws the design on the pumpkin, while Daddy reminds her, "Draw it small! Draw it small! I cut outside the lines!" It's at this point Mommy wants to draw a pirate mustache on Daddy with the Sharpie.
Step 3: Prop Zozo on the counter to get a picture. You can't see it, but my slippered foot is up on the edge of the counter, just in case Zozo decides to make a break for it and swan dive off the counter. We're all about safety here.

Daddy begins carving while Zoe looks on. She lasted about 20 seconds before squirming. We let her down and she had a blast running one of her push cars into the wall at the end of the hallway while Daddy kept working and Mommy hovered, driving him batty.

The finished product...three smiles. Four if you count Hoot there in the middle, who I like to think is always smiling. As much as you can smile with a beak.

Trick or treat! It's Hoot and...HOOT! Thanks to Grammy's handiwork (holy crap, that woman can sew), Zozo was Hoot this year for Halloween. She was absolutely adorable, and killed everyone with her "Hoo hoooo! Hoo hoooo!"

M wanted an "environmental shot" of Hoot in the tree, so he held her up, in a tree, while I grabbed a few shots. She thought it was hilarious, because she likes being held up high, and because she likes leaves. And probably because we were all laughing.

Here's Grammy (or Meme, as Zozo has taken to calling her) with her little Hoot. She went all out with this costume, even making little booties that go over Zoe's shoes, complete with toenails. You can see them on Zozo's left foot if you look closely. She also made Zozo a little orange Halloween bag that has her name on one side, and a duplicate of the owl face from Zoe's hat on the other. Cute! (Thanks, Mom. You rock!) (And thanks for the kick-ass chili, too.) (And the beer for M.)


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