Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photographs of our BAS

Okay okay okay.

Due to much demand, I'm posting BAS images tonight, even though I'm flat-out exhausted from all the excitement of the delivery of our BAS.

The main pusher for the pix is none other than M, who is so pleased with his BAS that he wants to be able to call people and say, "Hey, look at my BAS on the 'net!" He's becoming a B pain in my A, so here goes.

I'm going in chronological order here, and no, I'm not posting the vast majority of the images that show things like the BAS incrementally being lowered to its final position. You wanna see those, you're gonna have to come over.

Without further ado, I present...our BAS!

M was so excited about the arrival of our BAS, he was actually out pacing around the driveway, peering down the road, waiting for it. Funnily enough, he was facing the wrong direction when it finally appeared, and I had to rap on the window and point him the other way.

Our Mennonite driver was Marvin, and he did a mighty fine job backing up his gigantically long trailer down our driveway and up to the concrete pad. Which is more than I can say for my own family members who drive normal-sized cars that need only stay within the generous asphalt confines of our driveway.

We had quite the crowd assembled to watch. My MIL popped over, and my FIL spent his lunch hour watching. Dad and Judy came by to see, which was nice considering my Dad is pretty much the guy who got us turned on to the whole Mennonite shed idea. Even Aunt Shelley was there, and although she claimed that she had no idea the BAS was being delivered at that time, I think that secretly she really just wanted to be part of the action. You know, 'cause there's nothing cooler than watching the delivery of a Big Ass Shed.

And, of course, we shared the day with Mennonite Marvin and his new wife, Lydiann. They are very lovely people, and Marvin even explained that though they are newly married they don't wear wedding bands because the Mennonites don't believe in wearing jewelry. The delivery of our BAS was momentous for Marvin for two reasons: it was the longest way he's ever taken a building, and it was his first trip since he got married. Lydiann rode along to keep him company, and they were looking forward to seeing the Arch on the way out of town.

Marvin backed his trailer up and got the BAS lined up pretty well, then used a little remote-control gizmo to make adjustments from where he was positioned outside the truck. Those crazy Mennonites, they've got some sweet technology.

Here's another shot in the process of positioning the BAS on its concrete pad before it's lowered to its final resting place.

Marvin used the power of the truck to give the BAS a few final nudges, fine-tuning it to exactly where we wanted it.

Almost ready to take off its tarp!

After much waiting, M finally got to see the inside of his BAS.
He's pleased as punch.

Welcome to our BAS! Won't you please come in?

Another angle, to show off the second set of doors.
The better to get to the tools and Christmas decorations, you know.

How happy is M?! Sooooo happy!

Bye bye, Mennonites!


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