Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BAS Day!

The concrete pad has been swept. The checkbook is on the counter. The camera is charged and the cards are formatted.

We are ready for The Arrival of The Big Ass Shed, henceforth to be known as BAS.

BAS spent the night in Indiana, having left Himrod yesterday at the crack of dawn. ETA is 1:30 this afternoon; we're to receive a call when it's about an hour out.

This has become quite an event not only for us, but many in our extended family. It's almost like waiting for the arrival of a new family member. When we get the call, we have to call a few other people to let them know, too. You know, so they can be there to watch. Those who can't be there have requested that I post images here ASAP, and by this evening at the very latest.

It's occurring to me how very sad this all must seem to outsiders, that we consider the delivery of a large shed to be high on the entertainment scale.

I think it's more than just the BAS. I think it's a symbol, a physical representation of all that is great about America. We have so much stuff, we need to create another building to house it all. Our reasonably-sized home is no longer big enough. We didn't buy some lead-paint-coated-health-threat from China, either. No siree. We hired all-American artisans from another one of our fine states to custom-build our BAS. We're stimulating the economy, damn it, right down to throwing a little money towards the gas stations between Himrod, NY and The Lou.

Can't you just hear "God Bless America" playing softly in the background?

I'm gonna see if I can score Hillary, Rudy or one of the other nuts running for President to give a stirring patriotic speech in front of my new Big Ass Shed.


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