Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Big Shed Eve

Tomorrow is The Big Shed Day.

Big is a multi-purpose adjective.
1. Big as in, it's a big day, the day our building is delivered.
2. Big as in, "Damn, that's a big-ass shed you got there, Sparky!"

I've been requested to come home from work to document this momentous occasion with the camera. Giant Mennonite-built sheds are normally not my photographic forte, but I'll do what I can.

In the meantime, to ramp up excitement, I'll go ahead and post some of M's shots from The Day The Concrete Was Poured, which, apparently, is second in excitement only to The Big Shed Day.

Why didn't I take those shots, you ask? Well, Zoe and I were busy at The Lodge. I worked out while she attended Tot Care, which she now likes to proclaim to everyone as "TOT Caaaaaare!" I figure that's better than her other new, favorite word, which is heiny.

So here are some of M's shots. Keep in mind that these are nowhere close to all of M's shots, as I've discovered that any time he gets his paws on my DSLR he loves to use the rapid-fire feature. I have quite a few shots of the concrete buggy thing tilt-tilt-tilting to pour out its contents. Impressive, but not quite blog-worthy.

"35 concrete piers under the shed, 35 concrete piers.
Take one down, pass it around, 34 concrete piers under the shed."
We like to build things solid 'round these parts.

The concrete buggy thing tips its very first load.
I have 400 more shots almost just like this.

"Look, Timmy! The neighbors built a helicopter landing pad!"

"Okay, you hold her and I'll do the mashing."

Awww, so cute!
Too bad it'll be hidden under 5 tons of shed.


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