Wednesday, October 10, 2007

M's 12 x 18 cave

My hair is now short (not as short as it was a few years ago, when it was superduper short) and Fiery Citron. I like it, but am still getting used to it. I like it better today since I was able to style it my way, versus Gary's way. Gary gives great cuts and is second to none when it comes to color, but damn, every time he styles my hair I end up looking like June Cleaver when I get out of his chair.

I funkified it this morning and used the curls (why fight them?) and I like it a lot better. M, I'm sure, will hate it, as he's got the whole caveman mentality when it comes to hair: doesn't matter if it's ratty and disgusting, he just likes it long. I call it the caveman mentality because I'm pretty sure man's predilection for long hair goes back to the Stone Age when men would drag their women back to their caves by their hair. Anyone who knows us knows that this would never, ever happen in our cave, and so should not be suprised that I now have relatively short, fiery citron hair.

Received a confirmation call from the Mennonites in Himrod, New York who are building our Second House. For those of you not familiar, my family is acquiring a rather large structure for our backyard to house Christmas decorations, tools, and various garage paraphernalia. Note: we would be able to fit all our tools and various garage paraphernalia in the garage if it weren't for all the Christmas decorations, but M likes to gloss over that fact.

The project started as a shed. A smallish shed, about 10 x 12, from Home Depot or one of the other local hardware stores. We looked and looked and looked. M researched on-line. His research led him to TuffShed or something like that, where the shed grew from 10 x 12 to 12 x 12. Then, conversations with various people, my dad notwithstanding, led to on-line research for structures built by the Amish. Can't get much sturdier than that, eh?

Needless to say, the 10 x 12 shed from Home Depot is now a 12 x 18 building coming from some Mennonites in New York. A concrete pad was poured, complete with 35 (!) footings (many, many thanks to Uncle Jim for instilling the fear of our building sliding onto my in-laws' property overnight in M) and it now awaits the arrival of our building which is coming, fully assembled mind you, from Himrod, New York next Wednesday.

These things only seem to happen in my family.

I am very happy about the arrival of the building, as that means we can start cleaning out the garage and I just might be able to park the ZoeMobile in there again, which is great since we're coming on winter. What I'm concerned about is that M will see this building as an opportunity to create more stuff for the display, thereby filling up the building and the garage, which puts the ZoeMobile back in the outdoors again and me scraping snow and frost off every morning before work. I predict I'll get a good four or five years out of the building before he outgrows it.

See, I can write this stuff because M is out of town (Rhode Island this week) and is very, very busy training during the day and drinking gin and tonics at night (his new beverage of choice, which is surprising because he's been a straight beer man for many years) with his new colleagues, and therefore is entirely too busy to stay updated on the blog. I predict he'll read this sometime this weekend while we're hanging out in the library, at which point he's going to look over the laptop at me and go, "Hey!" That's probably when he'll notice the new hairdo, too.


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