Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Beans

Zoe is turning into quite the chatterbox these days, and there's virtually nothing she won't try to say. Which is very fun, and scary at the same time. I really need to watch my language now, as I've been known to drop an F-bomb or two and I really don't want my two-year-old dropping it.

Last night during bathtime we called Aunt KK. Zozo went through her repetoire of favorite words (Mom-mee, Dad-dee, PaPa, Elmo, Oscar, and her favorite: COOKIE!) and then we tried something new. "Zozo! Can you say 'Aunt KK'?" She tried it all right. She said, "Ont Koo Koo!" Then she cracked up laughing.

We tried several times, but Aunt KK is now Ont Koo Koo. Which I think is hysterical. Ont Koo Koo objected, but she kept laughing, too, so deep down I think she's okay with it.

Maybe I should try to get Zozo to call her Auntie Bean. "Bean" is my nickname for Katie, and it's been that since she was a teeny tiny baby. I don't even remember quite how it happened, something to do with a babydoll I had that was filled with beans around the time that my new baby sister came home to live with me, but she's been Bean pretty much since I met her and she'll always be Bean to me. Or Beanie, Beano, Beanbrain, Beanster.

I don't know if Bean even cares for her nickname, but I don't think I could stop calling her that if I tried. I hope she doesn't mind. She's firmly ingrained in my brain, in my psyche, as Bean and she'll always be that way.

Personally, I think that Bean is a rather cool name. I mean, everyone loves beans. Refried beans, chili beans. Beans are good for you. High in fiber. You can stuff them into big bags and sit on them, you can put them in little pelts and make wee stuffed animals that take our country by storm. You can sew them into little pouches and throw them at a target in a wholesome outdoor game. Heck, Kurt Cobain, probably in a drug-induced haze, gave his daughter the legal name of Francis Bean. And let's not forget the quirky character portrayed by British actor Rowan Atkinson: Mr. Bean. I love that guy! I had Mexican Jumping Beans when I was a kid; those things rock.

Beans beans, good for your heart...beans beans, make you...healthy. (What did you think I was gonna write?)

Here's to you, Ont Koo Koo Bean!


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