Tuesday, October 23, 2007

m&m and M

As if I don't need constant reminders that I'm married to an engineer, things happen on an almost daily basis that reinforce it.

After reading one of yesterday's posts, M took the time to actually consider whether 13% of the m&ms in each bag really are red. First, he tried to figure out how many colors there are, coming up with six: brown, yellow, green, blue, red and orange. (I admit, I don't know if those are the actual colors; I'm just repeating what he came up with last night.) Then he started doing that thing where he starts mumbling and I hear bits of different numbers and his eyes go all unfocused and I know that the gears are spinning extra fast in his head. Sometimes I have the urge to duck when that starts happening.

Finally he announced, "Well, there obviously aren't equal amounts of each color in each bag." Well, duh.

Then he asked if I had actually dumped out my mini-bag of m&ms and counted them, then figured the percentages.

Um. No. They were in my mouth too fast for that to happen.

It's called "Google," and it's our friend.

For our anniversary, I should have ordered the custom m&ms and had math signs put on them for him: + - = * /, and maybe those other signs that I don't really remember much from Rolla due to blocking out unpleasant memories of flagging Calc II: sine, cosine, secant, cosecant. I wonder if they can print a sigma on an m&m.

On second thought, I could just get him the regular bag of m&ms and tell him I had them all printed with "M" just for him.


Anonymous Ryan said...

You can let Mike know that I just opened a fun size bag of m&ms and 5/8 were orange for a whopping 63%.

Ask Mike if:

"Can I help you?"

3:13 PM  

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