Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

My hubby is off work today (who gets time off for Columbus Day?!) and is home with Zozo. I came home from exercising and there they sat on the couch, watching Sesame Street together. Adorable! Especially cool as today was the day that Cookie Monster (he's the favorite of both M and Zozo) ate the letter Z. Poor Prairie Dawn. She made a plate of cookies to hold Cookie over while she explained all the benefits of the letter Z. But Cookie gobbled all the cookies too quickly, and then gobbled the letter Z.

I drove M's car into work today so he'd have the ZoeMobile in case they wanted to go anywhere. M announced over breakfast that it needed gas (of course), and then volunteered to go fill the tank while I finished getting ready. I'm pretty sure he and Zozo timed it out, for precisely in the middle of the 10 minutes he was gone, she pooped. Nice. He gets to spend the day with her, and in my 10 minutes I get to change the poopy diaper.

But they are on their way in now, so I get to see them both over lunch (!) and show them off to my colleagues (!!). Can't ask for more than that! Except to have the day off for Columbus Day.


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