Thursday, April 19, 2007

Every day a new experience

Here are some words I never, ever thought I would type:

Last night we gave Zozo a bath simply because she felt the need to put baked beans in her hair at dinner.

For a long, long time, I thought I didn't want a child. Actually, for quite a while I thought I didn't want to get married. Too busy having fun, planning for my future career as a brilliant this or that (it didn't matter, really, as long as I was considered brilliant and therefore heavily financially compensated for such brilliance).

Being a "wife" and a "mother" were two titles that were so 1950s. I was progressive (I thought); I wanted more than that (or what I thought was more).

Kids were too much of a drag, and babies were messy and pretty much foreign objects. I wasn't comfortable holding them, either, because they seemed so fragile. If I'm not comfortable with something, well, I pretty much write it off completely without a second thought.

Then, of course, I met him. Him. Him. The one guy who changed my view and rocked my world. All of a sudden, being a wife and a mother were not only acceptable, they were desirable. (You know who you are, my Mocholate.)

Isn't it funny how one person can change the way you view yourself, and give you the confidence you need to be so much more than you ever thought possible? And how, through that, you don't at all live the life you dreamed of living, but instead have a life that is so much richer than you ever imagined.

The thought of having to bathe a small, wriggling child because she put baked beans in her hair would have appalled me back then, in what seems like a different life.

Now, though, it's a perfect evening.


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