Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ow! Thank you, may I have another?

Received my first IPL treatment yesterday. IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, or PhotoFacial. Let's just say that I don't think it should be called "facial" at all, because it's not like any facial in the traditional sense of the word.

And I would know, being SpaGirl and all.

It's very, very bright light used to zap (for lack of a better word, I'll use "zap" although I'm fairly sure that's not anywhere in the promotional materials from the IPL manufacturer) age spots, sun spots (on your face, not the ones actually on the sun), broken capillaries, etc. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles (yeah!) and helps with acne and acne scarring.

Essentially, it's like a facial on steroids.

Not the most comfortable thing to go through, but you only need five treatments to get rid of spots completely. How great is that?! It feels like a rubberband being snapped (hard) against your face. So it hurts when it happens, but the pain subsides immediately, so it's not like you're suffering for hours on end (like the Lipo Dissolve).

I have a few sun spots on my cheek that popped up years ago, and I think it's absolutely incredible that something I thought I was going to have to live with my entire life will be gone completely (and forever) in a few short months. It works on hands, too, which can sometimes be the biggest reminder of age due to exposure to sun.

And I haven't even talked about the whole fine lines and wrinkles thing.

I joked with my laser technician that people with foreheads like mine ought to be charged more. You know, like by the square inch. We'd make a killing that way.

No afteraffects to speak of. Some folks may come away feeling like they have a very mild sunburn, but I didn't. And I even have a bit of rosacea, which is essentially hyper-sensitive skin, so if I can do it, anyone can.

Last night and this morning, my skin feels so sooooft and so smooooth.

I will not, however, give up my regular facials. Those are just too decadent and pampering. IPL is just something new to add to my "treats" list.


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