Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fresh Start, First Steps, and New Bras

Well, it's the new year, and I for one am glad. I like the fresh start. There's just something good about a fresh start. I'm freaky like that, though. I like finishing up a tube of toothpaste and starting the fresh, new one. Same with deodorant. I like Sunday nights and Monday mornings simply because trash and recycling pick-up is Monday morning, and it's a fresh start with our trash/recycling cans. I like receiving new slippers for Christmas (thanks Mom and Dad Z!) and finally throwing out my 13-year-old cruddy slippers with the holes in the soles.

This morning I cleaned off the bulletin board by my desk, filing last year's thank you notes from charities the spa donated to, old press clippings and the like. It's all clear and ready for another accumulation of crap. Sadly, though, I had to take down my beloved 2006 calendar received from Stef and Melsy last year for Christmas. It was one of those artsy, incredibly unique calendars that I'd bet no one else in the Lou had. However, my '07 calendar is a Red Cross one, and a pretty good one at that, sent to me by darling Jen-Nay. Total surprise, and perked up an otherwise bland workday when I got the mail, and now it makes me smile whenever I look at it. The calendar contains reproductions of old Red Cross posters, and January's is from World War I and says, "Our Boys Need Sox...Knit Your Bit."

The cover of this month's Real Simple magazine (which I adore, by the way, and highly recommend) says something like, "What can you do in 15 minutes?" There are all kinds of tips right there on the cover like, "Plan a party" and "Declutter your car," and it's been so effective that I've done just those very things instead of actually reading the magazine. The Zoemobile was decluttered, in fact, while I sat in the Starbucks drive-through this morning waiting for my coffee.

Decluttering...ahhhh, feels good, doesn't it?

News From Zozo: she took her first steps by herself this weekend. Shocked the heck out of both me and M, and was the coolest thing in the whole world to see. My girl is goin' mobile! I'm sure this means we're entering the phase of bumped heads, bruises and scrapes, which will darn near kill me but is inevitable.

Other than that, we've just been total couch potatoes while watching episode after episode of The West Wing. Total junkies, we are. But intellectually stimulated couch potatoes.

Did the thing yesterday that most women absolutely hate: I went shopping for new bras. We hate this because it always seems like once you find a great bra then the company goes and discontinues it. Bastards. My current bras are starting to look rather ratty and probably aren't providing the support The Girls really need, so I figured it was time. Besides, Macy's was having a great sale and I had a coupon.

I made the mistake of going up there even though I wasn't really in the mood to bra shop. Guys, trust me on this, women have to be in the mood to bra shop, or it's just not gonna happen. Now, I'm pretty darn particular about my bras, as I imagine most women to be, and have some set criteria. It's like my BIL Steve with his pants. And just about everything else he purchases. I need wide straps, an underwire, full coverage. (I'm not saying that Steve requires wide straps, an underwire and full coverage with his pants, but that he has particular criteria when he shops for pants. Although I'm thinking full coverage might be a good thing when it comes to pants...) Macy's does indeed have a giant selection of bras, but you need a map to find any of them. The racks are overstuffed, and there is no rhyme or reason as to how they are displayed. Had to wait over 30 minutes just to get some help with fitting and with finding suitable options. Ended up purchasing some, but am not sure I'll keep them.

Next stop: Victoria's Secret. They have beautiful garments, and some are quite cute. However, they are not made for anyone who has anything to speak of, really. There are no wide straps on any of their pieces, and I believe only one style was "full coverage." Honey, when you're dealing with as much as I am, full coverage is the only way to go. Anything less and you're gonna start scaring people. Complete strike out at VS. At this point I was so exhausted from bra shopping that I called it a day and headed home.

Here's my question: how come all the "cute" bras (plaid, polka dots, pretty colors, etc.) are for girls who don't have, shall we say, an abundance of assets? Seriously. The bras for us big girls look like they were crafted by the U.S. Army. No offense to the Army, but I don't really want to look like a tank with my foundation garments. I'm lucky if I can get any colors other than white, tan and black. Pink would be lovely. Once I found a beautiful copper color and was so thrilled I purchased multiples. Message to the fashion industry: big girls want to feel pretty, too!

And now that I've expounded on the intricacies of bra shopping, I'm off to finish my lunch and work on planning Beano's Bridal Shower.


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