Thursday, December 28, 2006

A whole lot of smiting goin' on

I am so insanely grouchy this morning. Nothing major, really, just a whole bunch of little things that all pile up to make me one crabby girl.

Don't you hate it when you are upset about something, and there is really no one to blame, so you just kinda pull something out of thin air and choose a person to be angry at? Then you can't get over it? It's all circumstantial, really. I mean, this person didn't set out to cause the events that led up to the thing that made me angry and upset. Still, he played a major role in how it all fell out.

Sigh. Okay, well, I can't be any more vague and general about it, nor will I post who this particular person is because it's ridiculous, really, and at this point I'm just getting PO'd at myself for ruminating on it and not being able to move past it.

Also, Claychester Cleaners on Manchester has been added to my "Things and People to Smite" list. They lost my favorite skirt right before Christmas, and as of this morning they still haven't found it. Of course, this is a skirt that is several years old and so is virtually irreplaceable. Of course. It also happens to be the only one of my skirts that I fit into at this point, which is a major bummer and means that I can't even have another favorite skirt unless I go out and buy one. Which I won't do because I am in the process of losing weight and refuse to spend good money on a skirt when I have a closet full of skirts I'm on the verge of being able to actually fit into. I'm to stop back in tomorrow morning and talk to a manager. Yeah, talk to a manager. Talk. They'll be lucky if all I do is talk.

To top it all off, the worthless employees of Claychester Cleaners could not care less that they have lost an article of clothing. When M went to pick up the order, they told him they didn't even know what it was they lost. He had to call me and ask what the missing piece was. After being told it was a long black skirt, size 10, they handed him size 18 black pants with an elastic waist. He told them it was wrong, they argued and said that they had to be mine as it was the only thing they had without a tag, and he brought them home. One woman had actually said, "But that's not right" and the other woman responded, "Well, let him go with it, and if it's wrong we'll deal with it later." Nope, you're gonna deal with it RIGHT NOW. I immediately went back up there and, as calmly as I could, explained in great detail what my skirt looks like, and gave multiple phone numbers where I could be reached once they found it. Never got a call.

I have had my drivers license and credit cards stolen. I have had American Airlines lose an entire piece of luggage, and all it's contents, forever. You'd think I'd be used to this and be able to manage my anger and frustration a little better by now. Nope. Still pissed off as hell.

I need to work on that emotional intelligence thing.


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