Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Stein Boxes!

Worked on the basement today, while M worked on Christmas. I found more A-B stein boxes. Sheesh. We're going to need to rent a storage unit just for those. I also found:
  • three cell phones that will be donated to church (they have one of those boxes where you can deposit your old cell phones)
  • two small televisions that I'm pretty sure don't work
  • a fancy deluxe Krups cappucino machine that has never been used because every time we get it out we see the nine million teeny tiny pieces that have to be hand-washed with every use causing us to box it back up and go to Starbucks
  • our rollerblades (remember those?!) that we haven't strapped on since before we were married, and which I'm positive would cause a busted ankle if I tried them now
  • my old stereo that still has the record player on top (for you younguns, albums were played on record players, and they were before cassette tapes, which were before CDs)
  • an old CD holder which is now completely obsolete since we carry our entire music collection with us daily on something that is the size of a deck of cards
  • a portable CD player that is larger and heavier than the afore-mentioned iPod, and does not have our entire music collection downloaded onto it
  • our old cordless phone that never did work very well, along with my beloved answering machine that I had used since college until M decided we should go high-tech last year and get an all-in-one system that put a phone in every room here, which is actually quite nice but renders unnecessary one's trusty college answsering machine
  • various assorted items that made me question, "Why on earth are we holding on to this junk?!"
I had planned to give the few things I was going to find to Beans to put in her next garage sale collection, but after having amassed the above pile (and more!), we've decided we have enough crap to have our own darn garage sale (sorry Beans!).

Yesterday afternoon was the Z family reunion. 100 people at Sue's house. Would've been just fine as she had tents and chairs and games set up outside...but the torrential downpour sorta put a damper on the whole thing. It was bright and sunny (if a little, okay a lot, humid) right up until 3 p.m., when the event started. Then it started drizzling and eventually the skies just opened up.

People were crowded in the house, the garage, and the (unfinished) basement. Still, a great time was had by all. We had a very lovely prayer service for Scotty, who is battling pancreatic cancer, and several other family members who are ill. Please pray for them.

That's about it for now. I'll be spending my next few evenings working on the basement, as we have incentive to get it cleaned back up: Zozo's 1st birthday party will be held here, and it would be nice for people to have a place to sit and eat. Details, details.


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