Tuesday, August 05, 2014


I started a tradition with Zoe a few years ago where she takes selfies every morning that M is out of town, then I text them to him. I thought it would be a way for him to get a daily dose of Zo even when he's halfway around the world. She, of course, took the idea and made it her own. She does one "regular" selfie, then one "silly" photo. She revels in coming up with new goofy faces to make.

M went into work early again today, so she missed him by the time she got up. We called him on the way to gymnastics camp, and after she hung up she made her selfies. He's not traveling, but she didn't see him at all yesterday and only for about an hour today, so it sorta feels like he's gone.

I love that we have this tradition, and that on any given day I can scroll through the vast photo archives on my phone and crack up laughing at her many faces. Plus, I'm thinking I have plenty of fodder for the graduation slideshow, the wedding slideshow...

Today's images are particularly good.
This girl kills me.


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