Monday, August 04, 2014


Today would have been a fairly ordinary day, except for...

The guy in the back of a moving truck, with the door open, hanging on to a big stuffed couch or chair like he had any role in keeping it from bouncing out into traffic.

The four-hour conference call that ended with the people on our end of the line making shadow puppets in the projector beam.

Convincing Zo to practice her piano while I vacuumed, thereby rendering what is normally a mundane household chore actually enjoyable.

Attending a meeting tonight with four extraordinary women, who manage to crack open their hearts and share so much in the span of two hours that I am continually blown away. They offer perspective, laughter, tears, compassion and love. And tonight, one of them offered me the most adorable video of an armadillo playing with a toy. The kicker? His name is Rollie.

I love armadillos. I can't help it. They are such odd creatures, and I love how when they run around their upper body doesn't move at all while their spindly legs jerk back and forth with ferocity. And now that I know they like to play? Well, let's just say I know what my next pet should be.

(Kidding, M! Just kidding! Stop breathing in the paper bag.)

So, I shall share this gift with you:

You're welcome.


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