Thursday, July 31, 2014

The struggle

Late last night I listened to a podcast by writer Neil Gaiman, who is extraordinary, in which he talked about how important it is to write even when you're not inspired to write.

Which is where I run into problems.

How do I write when I feel I have nothing of importance to say? Mr. Gaiman says that I shouldn't be making that distinction now, that in several years I will look back and be unable to tell whether something I wrote was finished in a moment of inspiration or otherwise. I'm disinclined to believe him, though, seeing as how I'm feeling more otherwise than inspired these days. On the other hand, the guy is a published author, so he clearly knows way more than me.

Then, how do I motivate myself to write when I'm uninspired and yet can find really wonderful podcasts about writing to which I can listen? I get caught up in that instead of writing. It's a vicious cycle. I don't feel like writing, so I search for inspiration to write, which tells me I should just shut up and write already, but I don't feel like writing, so I search for inspiration...

Now, in my search for inspiration, I found a book that details the daily habits of successful writers. As if following someone else's habits (who is the opposite sex or able to maintain a lifestyle which I cannot or any number of other variables that I will not do like chain smoking cigars while I write) will make me, too, a successful writer.

I just need to get into the habit. Like drinking a shit ton of water every day. Like brushing my teeth in the morning and then again before bed. Like plugging my phone into its charger every evening.

If only it was that easy.


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