Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recycle bin reckoning

Don’t judge me by my recycle bin.

Monday is trash day, which means by Sunday night the trash cans and recycle bin are just about overflowing. Everything is right up at the top where you can see it. And smell it.

Sunday afternoon I pulled out the kitchen combo unit that holds both the trash can and the recycle bin, and I was thankful that no one else could see what I could see. It would have been mortifying. So of course I’ll share it here with you.

It was a snapshot, and not a very flattering one:

  • Kraft macaroni & cheese box
  • Diet Coke can
  • Vodka bottle

  • There was also organic milk carton, which I think hope will keep me from earning “Lazy Alcoholic Mother of the Year.”

    And I didn’t mix the vodka with the Diet Coke. I mixed it with Bloody Mary mix. Because that sounds so much better.

    Also, I didn’t drink the Bloody Marys alone. M enjoyed them also. So clearly we’re like some sort of dynamic duo of parenting.

    It was just one of those things that struck me as funny, especially since the only time we’ve had empty vodka bottles in the recycle bin are after huge parties at which I drink beer and M drinks gin & tonics and apparently many of our guests enjoy the vodka.

    This really isn’t making us sound more responsible, is it?


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