Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zozo for President

We got through half of Zoe's homework folder before she had to go to bed. Late night due to a 5:30 p.m. soccer game. Later, as I was cleaning up dinner and cleaning off the kitchen counter, I found the stack of papers we hadn't gone through. Math homework (she's learning 3D shapes) and religion coloring pages and a worksheet on a story her class read together with a character named Abuela.

The last item, though...I struck gold. At first glance it looks like a presidential craft project. We've got construction paper, Presidents Washington and Lincoln, markers and a glue stick. Then I caught a glimpse of her handwriting between the two presidents and opened it up.

"If I was President of the United States I would change the price on everything. Man their expensive. I would make Feb. into 30 days. 'Cause Feb. 30th is my half birthday. I would help the poor. I'd go to war if I had too. I would make a rool that GIRLS could be Pope too."

That is awesome. My kid rocks. I mean, she completely overestimates the power of the US presidency, but she's got lofty goals. She's frugal, practical, generous, and apparently not afraid of a fight.

I think we're doing well. Need to work a little on grammar and spelling, but she gets her point across and that's more than I can say about many people.

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