Tuesday, September 10, 2013



Today was good. Better than yesterday.

It's tomorrow I dread. Morning will be hectic with ensuring we have everything we need for the day: lunch for Zo, snack,Girl Scout stuff for us both, soccer gear, etc. Full day of work and meetings, but I must run out at 2:30 to co-lead the first Brownie troop meeting of the year. Then it's a quick-change act to get Zoe ready for soccer practice, where I'm responsible for dropping off the pugg goals and balls as M is out of town. Quick quick dinner because we'll have little time to eat and bathe before bedtime, and somewhere in there we need to review spelling words for her test Thursday. After Zoe is in bed I get to assemble the weekly newsletter for work that goes out Thursday, although I'm hoping to not be too late as I have tried to work well in advance this week.

I hate Wednesdays, but I hate them with a special fervor when Girl Scout week coincides with M out of town.

I've done everything I can to prepare in advance. Now I just wait for the dawn and try to breathe in the moments instead of just flying through the day.


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